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Meal 5: Brunch

Without further ado, we present the long-awaited brunch recipes. Aaron and Eileen took charge of Sunday brunch, after Bill and Dorothea helped serve the early risers. A+E had a bunch of ideas, but in the end it seemed like one sweet dish and one savory dish would be best. Eileen sent me this [...]

Meal 4: Feast! (Part 2)

In Part 1 of the Feast, we told you about the 100 hungry folks sitting down to eat together for our big Saturday night dinner. The first courses were warming people up — gazpacho, beets and cheese, potatoes and cheese — did I mention that we like cheese?
For the next course, the beef Wellington was [...]

Meal 4: Feast! (Part 1)

Saturday evening, there was a flurry of activity. As tasks were finished in the kitchen, items were crossed out on the many lists with Sharpie markers. At some point, Aaron asked when we were planning to get to the dining room, and spoons smiled and replied, “Have you been out there lately?” The long tables [...]

Meal 3: Sandwiches

I have to say that lunch is not my favorite meal of the day. Somehow, for me, it just doesn’t live up to breakfast or to dinner. Regardless of my feelings about it, though, Fred was all excited about making muffalettas for lunch, so who was I to stop him? The recipes [...]

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(KAC in brown. DJS in orange.)
KAC: Looking out at all the amused and giggling faces of our friends and family at Camp Spoonhowopic, spoons and I were wondering if people recognized pieces of their own events and weddings in our Camp plans. We have been thanking many people who helped at the Camp weekend, but [...]